The Future of Android App Development

Considering the rapid growth of online businesses, the future of Android app development is bright. Companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Snapdeal, Paytm, and many more are constantly adding features and need experienced developers to keep up with the changes ntmy. The demand for skilled Android app developers is increasing as these businesses require huge teams to maintain and administer their applications.

Android has proven to be a highly popular platform for mobile app development and will likely lead the market by 2021. One of the hottest developments in this field is Instant Android Apps, which enables users to test an app without installing it. This helps users use apps faster, saves space on mobile devices, and prevents system crashes due to memory overflows hub4u.

While Java has been the most popular language for Android app development, it is no longer the official language of Google thetrendz. Developers are now flocking to Kotlin as the official programming language of Android. In fact, Kotlin was announced as the new official language for Android applications during Google’s 2017 I/O keynote. The transition from Java to Kotlin is now underway, and many developers have already begun to rewrite their apps in Kotlin allfashionbeauty.

In addition to being a widely used programming language, Kotlin has a variety of advantages over Java. For example, Kotlin has built-in null checking and has useful libraries sportswebdaily. Furthermore, it is compatible with Java code and works in IDEs without hiccups.

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