Most Expensive Engagement Rings Ever Sold

When it comes to engagement rings, some spare no expense to find the perfect ring for their beloved. The world’s most extravagant engagement rings fetch enormous sums, sometimes entering the multi-million dollar range. These priceless rings showcase some of the rarest diamonds and stones on the planet.

In 2017, Australian billionaire Gutnick gifted his fiancee a breathtaking ring featuring a massive pink diamond weighing 36 carats. The exceptionally rare Argyle Violet diamond, sourced from Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine, headlines the 18-carat white gold ring flanked by heart-shaped white diamonds. Valued at over $8 million, it remains one of the priciest rings ever documented.

Elizabeth Taylor’s iconic 33.19-carat Asscher cut diamond ring received from Richard Burton in 1968 also ranks among the most expensive of all time. Originally costing $300,000 in the 1960s, the ring’s value is estimated at $3.5 million today. The dazzling step-cut stone stands out in a simple four-prong setting.

Socialite Paris Hilton made headlines with her massive 24-carat emerald cut stunner from Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis. The showstopper, which cost a reported $4.7 million, features 19 smaller emerald cut diamonds along the shank. While her nuptials were called off, the ring remains one of the biggest on record.

In 2004, Donald Trump proposed to Melania Knauss with a $1.5 million Graff diamond ring weighing in at 15 carats. Designed by Laurence Graff, the emerald cut’s slit shank setting accentuates the impressive stone’s clarity and brilliance. It became her iconic engagement ring and accompanied a wedding band worth another $2 million.

While these rings may be out of reach for most, ethical jewelers like Moissanite rings offer dazzling alternatives at a fraction of the price. Their created moissanite gems exude unrivaled brilliance and timeless beauty. For resplendent sparkle suited to any bride, moissanite provides affordable luxury.

Lavish rings may come with shocking price tags in the millions, but engagement rings are meant to symbolize so much more. Shared commitment and a lifelong union outshine any carat size. By selecting rings embodying what matters most, couples create priceless engagement memories that don’t require record-setting budgets.

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