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YuppFlix is an internet-based movie and TV streaming service that is available in many languages and platforms. This makes it a great option for people who are traveling abroad and would like to watch their favorite movies. It also offers live TV and catch-up TV technology.

Movies available

If you are looking for an easy way to watch Indian movies on your smartphone or tablet, look no further than the YuppFlix. This video on demand service is available in more than 50 countries worldwide and has over 15000 hours of on-demand content. Whether you are in the mood for a Bollywood film or a samurai flick, you can get it all in the YuppFlix app. The website is also known to be home to some of the most comprehensive and diverse collection of Indian movies.

The site features a library of more than 3,000 Hindi, Telugu, Bengali, Tamil, and Urdu films, along with over 5000 TV shows, documentaries, sports, and other entertainment content. With a subscription you can stream your favorite shows from the comfort of your couch, no matter what time of day or night. In addition, the site has a slew of catch-up technology for its on-demand programming.


YuppFlix is a website and mobile app for streaming films that allows you to watch a wide variety of movies. The company is also known for its live television services, which includes the Indian cricket league. The site is available in over 50 countries around the world, including the US. It has a library of 3000 plus films, in nine languages, and offers a variety of genres, from popular Bollywood to more obscure offerings like Punjabi and Bengali movies. The best part is that you can enjoy them for free!

In addition to live TV, the site has a number of features and packages to choose from. For instance, the site boasts hundreds of channels in various languages, which is something not all services provide.

Live TV

YuppFlix is an on-demand movie streaming service provided by YuppTV. YuppFlix enables users to watch the latest Hindi, Telugu, Bengali and Tamil movies with English subtitles.

It is an OTT service that focuses on South Asian channels and is a popular choice among Indians living outside the country. It offers over 25,000 hours of content, including over 5,000 movies. It is available in over 50 countries worldwide.

You can access the YuppFlix website through your PC, Android device, Roku, Fire TV, Smart TV, iPhone and Samsung Smart hub. The app is easy to use and is updated regularly. The subscription prices vary depending on the country. The prices are lower for non-resident Indians.

Catch-Up TV technology

The YuppTV Catch-Up TV technology provides users with the option to watch entertainment shows that were broadcast in the last few days on the web. This service is available on a variety of devices, including connected TVs, PCs, and smart Bluray players.

With a strong focus on South Asian content, YuppTV aims to reach people all over the world. To that end, the company recently launched YuppTV Bazaar, an online marketplace for original content creators to upload their videos.

YuppTV is a global over-the-top (OTT) player that provides live TV, movies, and catch-up TV. It has been designed to make television easier. It offers users the ability to watch their favorite TV channels on up to six screens, through mobile devices, and on PCs.

Platforms supported

YuppFlix is an on-demand movie streaming service aimed at the international market. The site is available in over 50 countries, and offers over 15000 hours of content on demand. The platform is also available as a web app, iOS application, and Android application. The ad free subscription model is also available. The company is backed by Emerald Media, a pan-Asian OTT platform. It is helmed by veteran industry veterans, including Rajesh Kamat and Paul Aiello.

Other features of the company include news247 com its catch-up TV technology, which allows users to view the latest entertainment from a variety of channels and networks in a consolidated format. The service also provides a scalable network that can be used to deliver content across six screens. The company has also tied up with the likes of Nokia Ovi, Intel, and Roku.

Languages available

The YuppFlix app has it all, from live TV to catch up TV shows to a fancy schmancy online video store. The app boasts a library of over 3000 films in 9 languages, and the company has expanded to offer content in 13 other languages.

The YuppFlix mobile app comes with a 7 day free trial, after which the subscription is charged to your iTunes account. The app also boasts HD net worth quality films with English subtitles. To get started, you’ll want to navigate to your app store of choice, and search for “Yuppflix”. Once you’ve installed the app, you’ll need to give it the right permissions.


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